Oh Lordy, that was the ultimate writers block! So with Xmas, having a gorgeous but time consuming baby and coming down with illness after illness one after the other I just haven’t found the time or inspiration to write AND IT’S ONLY VEGANUARY!! I’ve had to really practise […]

The Vegan Hypocrite.

If you’re house is anything like mine then there is a spider hiding around every corner waiting for you so they can jump out to make you scream. Those sick scumbags! I just want to know why it’s always a spider? Why is it something that loads of […]

And start again…

We all have accidents. My work colleague caught me licking an envelope, she looked horrified and asked if I should be doing that. It took me a second and then I realised I had just licked cow. I wouldn’t mind but it wasn’t even an envelope you’re supposed […]

Nakd Bars

I first became aware of Nakd bars when I fell for that trap that supermarkets use. You know the one where you’re in the que and they place sweet goodies like bait just waiting for you to touch it, catch you with a quick flick of their invisible […]