Vegan Basics #1

For me, the first thing you need to do as a vegan is change your mindset.

Thankfully nowadays we live rather than just survive and survival doesn’t even cross our minds. We just assume we’ll be here until our 80’s or older and even then we see it as unfair that our body has to give up eventually (I’m English, I understand that sadly this isn’t the case everywhere).

This is one of the reasons I have an urge to sigh loudly whenever someone says the old classic “that’s why I couldn’t be a Vegan, I like bacon too much”, “I don’t like beans” or “I couldn’t eat that kale crap, that’s what I feed my bloody rabbits!” (A lady I work with says that last one to me regulary).

I eat different beans all the time and I don’t do it because they’re delicious, I do it because they’re full of good stuff that keep me going! The first time I had kale I almost chipped a tooth on it but I persevered and now I love chewing away on it all covered in salt, lemon juice and olive oil!

I realise I’m not selling veganism very well here. There are loads of delicious vegan dishes and I feel like I’ve fallen in love with food a little since becoming vegan but there are times you just need to see it as it is. It’s keeping you alive and you need to put the right stuff in you to keep you healthy, vegan or not.

So the first vegan basic is to view food differently and to make sure you’re getting what you need. As I’ve mentioned before I’m not a nutritionist but I do know you shouldn’t just eat prawn cocktail crisps and Oreos all day. Everyday I try to eat leafy greens, plenty of fruit and veg and loads of things like almonds and walnuts (I’m not saying that’s my whole diet). To be fair if you really want to eat crisps and Oreos all day just make sure you make some green shakes and down it while holding your nose.

That was terrible advice, don’t listen to me.

My point is don’t just tell yourself you don’t like something, give it a go and maybe a second or third go. Your tastebuds change as you get older anyway but I think even more so when you stop eating so much sugary food, which can happen when giving up dairy.

Research the essentials and get them in your gob!


Your tastebuds aren’t more important than something else’s life.

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