Coconut Collaborative – Mango&Passion Fruit Yoghurt Alternative

Luckily for me it was a lovely day when I bought this little pot of deliciousness to eat as we sat by the river. I’m also pretty lucky that I’m not a sugar monster, but I am human and I do need that sugar hit every so often.

I found myself in the hippy food section of the supermarket (as we all do, lurking in the dark area no-one goes to, the restricted section). The coconut collaberatives passion fruit yoghurt caught my eye, mainly because I was giggling into my hand like a crank because you can see their bits.

Ignore the fact it’s a bit porny, I really love the way these look. A lot of love and care has clearly been put into them, from the garden of Eden style coconut picking to the coconut facts on the inside of the label. Not that that’s the most important thing about a yoghurt. Does it taste good? Yum! Yes it does! Coconut is a bit hit and miss with me, I can find it over powering at times but in this it was just right. This is so thick and creamy its almost like a cross between a yoghurt and a cheesecake!

When scooping around to get loads of passion fruit on my spoon the pips gave it an unusual and satisfying crunch! Im not used to passion fruit things having the pips still in and I found this makes it feel fresher and more natural rather than a load of flavouring and sugar.

Is this delicious? Yes! Would I eat it all the time? Do I look like Jabba the bloody Hutt?! Well yes but that is irrelevant! Yes I would eat these everyday, godammit! Take a look at their website to see where you can get your chops round some! (I think I’m supposed to point out I don’t get any money for this or something. Don’t get me wrong, feel free to give me money if you want. I’m not just talking to coconut collaberatives there, just anyone really. Can I have all your money please?)

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