What I eat in a day

I’ve noticed this is a popular subject and I’m not surprised as it is something I get asked a lot. By that I mean someone at work asked me what I was having for dinner once… I can read between the lines. So here’s a typical week day in my house;

After walking the dog I go to the fridge to get out my bowl of soaked oats and chia seeds, prepared the night before. Once again I forgot to prepare it the night before. After swearing in my head about this and finding any way I can to blame my wife, daughter or dog for making me forget, I grab some toast with houmous and hope we’ve got enough bananas.

I have a shower then feed/play with my 8 month old while my wife gets in the shower before I have to go to work. I get distracted finding ways to make her giggle or wiping an unknown liquid from my shoulder. Just before leaving for work I realise I should have been spending some of that time making lunch, it would have been some lovely wrap inspired by a YouTube video but probably not tasting like it. Now it will be that packet of couscous kept in my desk drawer. Again this becomes a blame game in my mind, keeping me from picking up my fruit and crisps…twat.

I stop for lunch after already whinging for hours about being hungry. The couscous, although nice, doesn’t do it for me and I spend the rest of the day resentfully munching on almonds, walnuts and raisins which I keep at work incase of an emergency.

I get home, my daughter’s been crying all day and my wife is tearing her hair out. Neither of us can be arsed to cook. I put some pasta on, bung some veg and spices in it and hope for the best. If I can’t be bothered to do even that I’ll have beans on toast. Naturally I put marmite on the toast first.

I finish all this off by throwing half of it down my front and swearing.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to try out my amazing meals and recommend them to your friends!

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