Everyone tags a vegan

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this.

I don’t use Facebook a lot. I like it as something to keep in contact with people but I don’t go on it to look at anybody’s walls or whatever they’re called. I only really look at it if I get tagged in something and this was rare. I said “was”. I then became a vegan and my mum tagged me in at least one vegan recipe video a day.

Then friends would ask me “have you gone Vegan?”, naturally I thought because of my new compassionate glow that I assumed I had. No, it was always because “I keep seeing your mum tag you in recipes”.

They now know I’m vegan. They now keep tagging me in vegan recipe videos.

That’s fine, I’m not complaining about that. Some of them I’ve made and they’ve been amazing! Vegan ribs for example, “What? You’re mental! That’s not possible!” I hear you cry. Well no, the only possible vegan ribs are the ones protecting vegan lungs and hearts. It is however like a really thick and tasty bread with bbq sauce on it and it’s delicious. That’s great. Not as great is when my mum tags me in a video that she needs to comment “Just leave the egg, cheese and ham out lol xxx” and feels like she’s shared a proper vegan meal with me. I’d like to point out the only other ingredient in this particular recipe was cauliflower…I don’t think she was joking.

I will always know as soon as a company has released a vegan product. How? I get tagged by ten different people on the same post. Again I’m not complaining, it’s very sweet of them to think of me. It does sometimes feel a little like they believe I’m going to starve to death and they’re trying to save me. Again though, I suppose that’s sweet too. It gets difficult once you’ve used the tongue-out-tasty emoji. Then you put “yum yum”. Next it’s “I’ll have to get that next time I’m shopping “. How many times before you put “yeah I know, I’ve already been tagged.”? Sounds a bit rude. Can you just like it? I really feel they deserve a comment for the effort.

The thing that tickles me is if I met someone now and they added me on Facebook, they would assume I go on and on about being a vegan because my wall is covered in it and I haven’t posted any of it!

Little would they know I do go on and on about being a Vegan, just not on Facebook, I do it here instead 🙂

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