Nakd Bars

I first became aware of Nakd bars when I fell for that trap that supermarkets use. You know the one where you’re in the que and they place sweet goodies like bait just waiting for you to touch it, catch you with a quick flick of their invisible rod only for it to be on the conveyer belt and scanned before you have a chance to consider if you really want it. I was actually glad this time that these cheeky scoundrels caught me.

It was one of the bakewell tart flavoured bars and, this is going to sound odd, I was surprised at how much it tasted like a bakewell tart considering how basic the ingredients are. Dates, cashews, raisins and a hint of natural flavouring (I would assume this mystery ingredient is almond based).

Shut up! That’s all it is? And they’re that tasty! I’m going to make some myself…I naively thought. These aren’t as easy to recreate as you might think. Don’t tell Tesco but that blender might not have been as faulty as I made out, but to be fair it didn’t say in the instructions not to stuff it full of dates and nuts. I say that, I didn’t read them.

Anyway back to Nakd bars rather than just nicking their recipes. These are delicious little things and have saved the day a few times for me. Some times when I’m out I just want that bit of sugar or something to fill the void for a while because aswell as being tasty, they’re great for just keeping you going until your next meal.

There are loads of flavours so whatever mood you’re in there will be something for you. Today I fell in love with my new favourite which is “lemon drizzle” flavour. I might have to stop typing in a minute incase I start dribbling on the keyboard.

These are tasty, good for you and much easier than getting all sticky putting the ingredients into a blender, making a terrifying noise, smelling burning and having to find your blender receipt.


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