Vegan Shenanigans General Guide To Being Vegan

Being a vegan isn’t just about not using animal products, don’t be daft, it’s way more than that. I’ve made a short tick list to help out any vegans out there, new or old, to make sure you’re doing it properly.

Vegan Shenanigans Essential Vegan Ticklist

  • Start a Twitter account
  • Put V in a circle after your name
  • #vegan in profile
  • Buy some sandles
  • Buy a bike
  • Buy something with a vegan slogan on it
  • Book yoga lesson
  • Act as if animals can tell you are vegan and like you better, even the ones who eat other animals
  • Google every vegan cake recipe under the sun
  • Let people know how much energy you have now
  • Don’t eat meat
  • Don’t eat dairy
  • Don’t wear dead stuff

That’s basically it. Just the Twitter account will save a few thousand animals alone.

Once you’ve ticked all of these boxes you’ll pretty much be a Buddhist monk, half saving the world. Well done you!

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