And start again…

We all have accidents.

My work colleague caught me licking an envelope, she looked horrified and asked if I should be doing that. It took me a second and then I realised I had just licked cow. I wouldn’t mind but it wasn’t even an envelope you’re supposed to lick!

She asked me if I had a vegan version of the old “It’s been this many days since we had an accident”. It made me laugh and then I wondered how most vegans probably would have to reset it pretty regularly if they realised every time they’d accidently used an animal product. It wasn’t that long ago my brother made me a cup of tea that tasted a little sour on the first sip. When I asked him which brand of almond milk he used his face dropped, he took my cup, disappeared into the kitchen and came back with a fresh cup. I was glad it was only one sip, he’s lucky we share genes.

So, nothing can be done now, all I can do is reset back to 0 and start again. Bloody carnists.

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