Oh Lordy, that was the ultimate writers block!

So with Xmas, having a gorgeous but time consuming baby and coming down with illness after illness one after the other I just haven’t found the time or inspiration to write AND IT’S ONLY VEGANUARY!!

I’ve had to really practise saying that you know, I think when I was talking about it to people at first they thought I was saying January had to be dedicated to your lady garden if you know what I mean. Got a few funny looks. They got it eventually, they still gave me funny looks.

I (like every other vegan) constantly get people telling me they just don’t get veganism but I have to say I really feel like things are shifting. Change doesn’t happen over night, it happens gradually and I do think a lot of people who didn’t get it are starting to.

As I’ve mentioned on here before my family and friends tag me in tonnes of vegan recipes on facebook ( I think these recipes are having more of an affect on carnists than vegans. Vegans know there are lots of different things to eat, carnists are just getting that you don’t have to live on seeds and grass (someone I work with genuinely thinks that’s what I eat, even though she always tells me how nice my lunch smells until she remembers it’s vegan lol).

Anyway it’s lovely how I’m starting to feel less like a leper (no offence lepers) and I really feel like Veganuary is having a really positive impact.

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