About Vegan Shenanigans

Being a vegan is a funny old thing. People see you in a funny way and ask you funny questions. You eat funny foods and think in a funny way.

I love it and it can get tiring sometimes. I’m not a nutritionist or a dietition but I know how different my body feels after researching a balanced vegan diet and then finally changing to it (spoiler alert, it feels good).

I wish I knew years ago what I know now (chia seeds, quinoa and the likes aren’t essential) and would have started it much earlier. I want to share I few of these things and maybe make it easier for other vegans out there who are a bit foodily challenged like I was and still can be to an extent.

The other thing I want is to make it easier for people when eating out (ooh-ere missus). Sometimes it feels like there are no options for you but you can usually tweak a meal a little and there you go, a full-bellied vegan! It might be a bit rubbish but one step at a time, the world is changing, slowly, but changing it is!