About me


I’m going to list some things about myself now and we’ll see how far you can get before you want to punch me in the face.

Got rid of my car for an ebike
Ex Smoker
Use a Mooncup
Mum of a baby
Hoarder trying to be minimalist (I’ve thrown a few things away after watching a YouTube video)
Obsessed with wanting a campervan
Love being outside in nature and camping
Play ukulele
Voted for Labour once (My mum was more upset about this than anything else)
Have an interest in yoga and meditation but never actually do either for longer than three days.
Watch YouTube videos about positive stuff
Make sloe gin
Buy self help books (actually people buy them for me…….)
Like to read about Buddhism
34 but think I’m 20 still
Worst of all my wife supports Man U so I’m guilty by association…and we’re not from Manchester.

You’re still reading? I’m impressed. Personally I’d have compulsively blurted out “TWAT!” By “Plays ukulele”. Of course there is a chance that you’ve got this far as you tick a lot of these boxes yourself. Hopefully you hate yourself for it too 😊. I’m only kidding, it’s the people around me who have a problem with it, I’ve learnt to accept I’m a massive hippy, and not just a hippy, a vegan of all things!

So if you haven’t been put off there’s a good chance I’m going to be writing about things that interest you, so please stick around, and feel free to say hi, I’m friendly…I try to be…