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Oh Lordy, that was the ultimate writers block! So with Xmas, having a gorgeous but time consuming baby and coming down with illness after illness one after the other I just haven’t found the time or inspiration to write AND IT’S ONLY VEGANUARY!! I’ve had to really practise […]

The Vegan Hypocrite.

If you’re house is anything like mine then there is a spider hiding around every corner waiting for you so they can jump out to make you scream. Those sick scumbags! I just want to know why it’s always a spider? Why is it something that loads of […]

And start again…

We all have accidents. My work colleague caught me licking an envelope, she looked horrified and asked if I should be doing that. It took me a second and then I realised I had just licked cow. I wouldn’t mind but it wasn’t even an envelope you’re supposed […]

What I eat in a day

I’ve noticed this is a popular subject and I’m not surprised as it is something I get asked a lot. By that I mean someone at work asked me what I was having for dinner once… I can read between the lines. So here’s a typical week day […]