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The Vegan Hypocrite.

If you’re house is anything like mine then there is a spider hiding around every corner waiting for you so they can jump out to make you scream. Those sick scumbags! I just want to know why it’s always a spider? Why is it something that loads of […]

Vegan Basics #1

For me, the first thing you need to do as a vegan is change your mindset. Thankfully nowadays we live rather than just survive and survival doesn’t even cross our minds. We just assume we’ll be here until our 80’s or older and even then we see it […]

A bit about me

Hello, I’m going to list some things about myself now and we’ll see how far you can get before you want to punch me in the face. Vegan Lesbian Got rid of my car for an ebike Ex Smoker Use a Mooncup Mum of a baby Hoarder trying […]